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The Oringinal Martino's Bakery

          Martino's Bakery has been a pillar of the Burbank community since 1926. At the time, Victor and Eva Martino started a pie business in their garage, and the business continued as a pie bakery until 1938 when cake donuts were added to their production. During World War II the manufacturing of pies was discontinued and cake donuts only were baked for other bakeries.

         In August of 1994, Martino's was within weeks of closing its doors after the Campbell Soup Co., who purchased Martino's in 1981, decided it was no longer a strategic fit in its Pepperidge Farm Inc. subsidiary. "The notices had been sent out to all the required government agencies," Says Dan Clement, president of Martino's at that time who continued to say “the bakery was very close to closing its doors." In an Eleventh-hour intervention by the president of the local bakery union, they brought together representatives from Martino's and America Capital Strategies, a Washington, D.C. - a banking firm specializing in employee stock ownership plans. That move ultimately prevented the closure of Martino's.

          Through all of the ups and downs, Martino's has been able to keep its recipes intact; especially our world famous Teacakes. We love our location and hope you stop by to grab a treat and see our shop.

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